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(62B\91L) Construction Equipment Repairer

June 2004 - 2010



The Six Year Adventure

(A small prologue)

A few weeks into my senior year of high school I'd usually come home for lunch. My mother watching tv one afternoon, what seemed to be an action film at first sight. I asked her what movie it was... to my dismay she replied, "No baby, it's the news!" As the events of 9/11 were unravelling. 

Fast-forward a little under two years and I enlisted in Jamaica, New York; I decided to become a soldier. There were prior notions before but On June 4th, 2004; I made my oath to defend America, its people and the constitution from threats foreign and domestic. I'd become both sword and shield for a country that owed me nothing, and I was proud to do so...

My time of service was both an adventure and a learning process. Honorably discharged in 2010, my time spent was both a pleasure and a honor. I met an array of people who I now consider friends and brothers/sisters regardless of the time apart. 


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