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          Civilian Life           (Army Contractor)

More like on the outside looking in... especially, since I was once a soldier.

Contractors are an elite few, manly due to the high restrictions to apply and the many obstacles they overcome just to get in the door. They're the support and logistics behind every man and woman whose duty is on the front line. They're rarely heard of unless captured, or caught in the midst of wrongdoings. 

I entered this status only a month after I ended my military service, and surely wish I had did so earlier. Contractors are ruthless during war drawdowns... as contracts become scarce and heavily restricted.

I mainly supplied maintenance support for the Army and was happy to do so as they paid me so handsomely for my expertise. As a contractor, one may encounter other nationalities banded together under the same causes as I did. I've worked with many nationalities and learned so much working alongside them, we still keep in contact through social media outlets.

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