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That black just be hitting different..._

My Personal Touch To Taste

Alxndr Benedict is me. 

Down to the structure, each stroke, each symbol.

I wanted to bring my dreams and fantasies to life...

 So here it is...

As am I.

Italian Hand-Crafted Shoes

With the assistance of Aliveshoes

I bring to you

The aesthetics of my life 

In the form of luxury shoes

Unlike your average shoe store, where you go in and try on random shoes with random strangers.

I offer the alternative...

Made to order hand-crafted masterpieces done by artisans from the Le Marche District ('Shoe District')

and shipped express (DHL/FEDEX) to your front door all in the span of 2-3 weeks.

Strawberry -shoes-side.jpg

Hearts All Over Slip-Ons

Just like the world

needs more love. 

The same goes for your feet.

Better to indulge.

Berry Lemonade -shoes-side.jpg

Full-Cut Heels

The world is already filled with insecurities and chunky heels.

secure yourself and the bag in these...

ALXNDR LUX-shoes-side.jpg

Premium Slip-Ons

Set yourself apart from the masses and synthetic materials.

Only Premium Leather goods here.


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